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John Durante


January 29, 2024

Programming Whys

When we get observers or new coaches come through, we get a lot of programming questions. The most popular questions revolve around our superset structure. We like to superset everything that we possibly can…and that includes mobility exercises in between sets of strength training. I like to call these active recovery drills. For example, we may prescribe a dumbbell split squat and then have a client perform a shoulder mobility exercise. The possibilities and combinations of this “style” are endless but they do have an importance. 

  1. Tempo

If you are doing 3 sets of 6 trap bar deadlifts, you will need more rest than if you were doing some med ball drills. Most people do one of two things, they either take zero rest breaks or they take too long in between sets. If your client/athlete is in the former, adding in a mobility will allow for an exercise to be added that does not carry the same amount of acute fatigue as more intense work creates. This will allow for our subsequent sets to be quality and not hurried.

  1. Reinforcement 

We take this time to reinforce the basics or to provide “corrective” work to our clients. If someone needs extra hip or shoulder work, this would be the place for it so they are not just standing around for 2 minutes.

  1. Gym Flow

When we have groups in our facility, it is important that we have everything planned out. From where we place our equipment to who is going to be doing what during their training session with us. We can prevent back ups on racks or dumbbells if we add active recovery. In addition, if you have young athletes that have a hard time locking in, this will make them concentrate for the entire session since they will not be sitting around in between sets. 

  1. Mobility is the Workout

For some of our adults/ athletes, the warm up or mobility routine is the workout. And that is ok. In some cases, glute bridges may be enough stimulus to meet them where they are at from a training standpoint. If you pair that with a ring row, that will offer a good stimulus as opposed to supersetting a glute bridge with a heavy bench!

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