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Youth Strength Programs

Our goal here at JDFit is to coach your athlete from the time they enter the gym, until the time they leave! Our approach to coaching is consistent and highly effective. Each session is led by an instructor starting with warm ups all the way until our cool down modalities.

We guarantee perpetual progress as sessions continue. Once the basic movement patterns are mastered, we will move on to more complicated endeavors. Our goal is to show progress at all times. Especially at the end our our program!

You will not find another comprehensive program like this in the area! With our expert coaching, formal education and years in the trenches, we will always maintain the highest level of coaching available to you!

Speed - Strength - Resilience

Flag Football Receiver

8 Week
Speed Camp

Our 8 week camp will cover

  • Acceleration

  • Deceleration

  • Linear and Lateral Movement Techniques

  • Running Mechanics

  • Footwork

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